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2 months ago
Buster + Punch


Explore our extensive range of refined home details, carefully designed to elevate your interior.

2 months ago
Fotos de la publicación de Future and Tech

¡NUEVO! - Acuerdo de distribución de la marca @busterandpunch. Sus acabados son increíbles, pregúntanos para más info.
#seguimoscreciendo #futureandtech #pulsadores #electricidad #vintage ... See more

2 months ago
Fotos de la biografía

Hemos aprovechado esta cuarentena para actualizar la imagen, muy contentos con el fantástico trabajo de Irene Sanchez @darkylittleh

#futureandtech #diseñografico #rotulación

2 months ago
Fotos de la biografía

Proyecto con cámaras de la marca Hikvision para visionado de zonas interiores y exteriores. #futureandtech #hikvisioncctv @hikvision @futureandtech

2 months ago

Where function and design meet.
Expand your reach and bundle the MC4-R and a Crestron Remote and save.

2 months ago
Krix MX5 Speaker System

We discuss and have some fun with the Krix MX5 Speaker System. Please join us in celebrating "Real Cinema at Home" we love the escapism watching great movies...

2 months ago

¡Great work!

Throwback to the largest cinema install in the MENA region. VOX Cinemas going all out with five of the largest 4-way screen channel speakers in the world (KX-5996), along with sixteen dual 18” subs ... See more

3 months ago

¡MX-5 de Krix! 😍

The compact but mighty MX-5 has proven hugely popular since its release in October. Winning both the Stereonet "Applause Award" and The Sound+Image "Speaker Installation Product of the Year", the ... See more

3 months ago


Living Sound + Vision have made great progress with Australia's first MX-40 demo room (11.4.8 configuration for those wondering). Not long now until it will be configured and firing on all cylinders!

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